XAS. Target Application Name

It is necessary to specify the name of the target application for the XAS, this information is required to load AppModules successfully and to provide the correct operating with DB.

When the AppModule is loaded, the application name is used as the <app_name> part of the AppModule: <app_name>.AppModule. ... . Moreover, this name is used to set the value of the XafApplication.ApplicationName property of the XAS application. Target application name should be specified in the <appSettings> section of the target application configuration file using the "ApplicationName" key:

  • xml

<add key="ApplicationName" value ="Xafari.BCDemo"/>

When implementing custom business application, it is recommended to use the value of that key to initialize the XafApplication.ApplicationName property of the application class instance, see the DemoAppModule sample in the AppModules topic. It should be done to avoid possible issues with the target application name synchronization.