XAS-Friendly Development

XAF developers can use XAS in two scenarios.

  • The first scenario is to use the auxiliary application XAS for editing Application Model, administration Security System, configuration appropriate Xafari business functions. For these purposes, it is sufficient to deploy the XAS correctly, this is described in the previous topic.
  • The second scenario is to implement your own custom XAS-friendly business function, i.e. that these functions can be managed via the  XAS. In this case it is necessary to learn the designing concepts, that are specific to XAS.


Ideas, requirements and agreements described in this section are only a part of a global Xafari ERP Concept. Она определяет методику компоновки модулей и описания параметров для прикладной системы а также предлагает такую архитектуру решения, что XAS сразу же становится органичной частью вашей ерп системы. Xafari presents this approach since x011 version. Working under this documentation section you will implement the task locally. If you are interested in Xafari ERP Concept, you will be able to obtain a holistic and balanced solution which uses Xafari most effectively.

Topics in this section: