XAS. Composition

After installing Xafari, XAS is located in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Galaktika\Xafari Framework vXX.Y.ZZZ\Tools\ directory. It should be emphasized again that XAS is an independent Windows application based on the Xafari platform. It comes with the following files:

Xafari framework libraries:

  • Xafari.dll
  • Xafari.BC.Xas.dll
  • Xafari.Editors.dll
  • Xafari.Editors.Win.dll
  • Xafari.Images.dll
  • Xafari.Licensing.dll
  • Xafari.Utils.dll

XAS application libraries:

  • Xafari.Xas.Module.dll
  • Xafari.Xas.Module.Win.dll

Application executable file:

  • xas.exe