Applied Configuration Modules Implementation

When developing an application under the needs of the customer, it is possible that there will be new original components and these components can be configured in various ways. With access to the XAS, it is advisable to move the task of configuring to the  separate profile application. It will be enough to implement the configuration logic in a separate module (so called Cfg-module) and then add this module to the <app_name>.AppModule.Cfg module. Configuration modules are quite similar to other XAF modules. Only some specific features of the XAS application should be taken into consideration:

  • XAS is a Windows Forms application based on Xafari Framework.
  • XAS uses Navigation Items as its navigation system. All navigation elements of XAS together form a separate "Configuration" group. If a navigation element is not in that group, it is not displayed on the navigation panel. The "Configuration" node itself is not shown on the navigation panel, as well.
  • There is a static class Xafari.BC.Xas.XasEnvironment defined in Xafari.BC.Xas.dll. This class includes a number of public properties that may be useful when creating the configuration modules of the application.