Message Queue Administration

XafariServerCfgModule provides a viewing and editing the Message Queue at runtime. There are 2 strategies for the use of this module:

  • Add module to the business application. In this case, the administration function will be available in the target application.
  • The target business application is developed based on the use of a separate administration tool - Xafari Applications Support (XAS). In this case, the mechanisms of administration are valid only when using the dedicated server mode (see Operation Modes).

This module adds a Message Queue group to the navigation system.


Message Queue item invokes a List View that shows all the Messages in the Queue. Cancel Action cancels processing of the selected Messages. Message Queue Cleanup Action invokes a Wizard that allows you to remove Messages that satisfy certain criteria.


Criteria for clearing the Message Queue are presented on the MQCleanupCriteria_ListView. Cleanup Criterias MQ item activates the list of criteria.