XAF Reports Extensions

It is possible to provide the same way to administrate both the Xafari Reports and DevExpress XAF. For this purpose Xafari.Reports.Xaf extends DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.ReportData and DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.ReportDataV2 classes with an additional attributes. The module adds to the business objects a number of fields that are similar to the same fields of the Xafari Report Templates, see Xafari.Reports.XafariReportTemplateBase. The fields have the same names and provides same functionality applied meaning, they are listed below:

  • bool IsSystem is a System flag.
  • bool IsActive is an Active flag.
  • string AssemblyFullName specifies the full name of the .NET assembly, which is the source of deployment

To learn more about System, Active and AssemblyFullName parameters, refer to the Xafari Report Templates topic.

Xafari.Reports.Xaf.ReportDataExtensions class exposes special methods to provide convenient access to the described attributes of the ReportData and ReportDataV2 classes. They are listed below:

  • GetIsActive/SetIsActive
  • GetIsSystem/SetIsSystem
  • GetAssemblyFullName/SetAssemblyFullName