Xafari Reports. Modules

Xafari Reports system consists of the following platform-agnostic and platform-specific XAF-modules:

1. Base modules that should be added to any project using Xafari Reports:

  • Xafari.Reports.dll (the module class is XafariReportsModule). Platform-agnostic.
  • Xafari.Reports.Win.dll (the module class is XafariReportsWinModule).  WinForms-specific.
  • Xafari.Reports.Web.dll (the module class is XafariReportsWebModule). ASP.NET-specific.

2. A module that allows to add the required Reports in the Arm Navigation System:

  • Xafari.Reports.Arm.dll (the module class is XafariReportsArmModule). Platform-agnostic.

3. A modules that provide XtraReport Templates.

  • Xafari.Reports.Xaf.dll (the module class is XafariReportsXafModule). Platform-agnostic.
  • Xafari.Reports.Xaf.Win.dll (the module class is XafariReportsXafWinModule).  WinForms-specific.
  • Xafari.Reports.Xaf.Web.dll (the module class is XafariReportsXafWebModule). ASP.NET-specific.

4. A modules that provide Analysis Templates.

  • Xafari.Reports.Analysis.dll (the module class is XafariReportsAnalysisModule). Platform-agnostic.
  • Xafari.Reports.Analysis.Win.dll (the module class is XafariReportsAnalysisWinModule).  WinForms-specific.
  • Xafari.Reports.Analysis.Web.dll (the module class is XafariReportsAnalysisWebModule). ASP.NET-specific.

5. A modules that provide Excel Templates.

  • Xafari.Reports.Excel.dll (the module class is XafariReportsExcelModule). Platform-agnostic.
  • Xafari.Reports.Excel.Win.dll (the module class is XafariReportsExcelWinModule). WinForms-specific.
  • Xafari.Reports.Excel.Web.dll (the module class is XafariReportsExcelWebModule). ASP.NET-specific.

6. A modules that provide File Reports.

  • Xafari.Reports.File.dll (the module class is XafariReportsFileModule). Platform-agnostic.
  • Xafari.Reports.File.Win.dll (the module class is XafariReportsFileWinModule).  WinForms-specific.
  • Xafari.Reports.File.Web.dll (the module class is XafariReportsFileWebModule). ASP.NET-specific.

Each unit of functionality, typically implemented as a set of three modules:

  • Platform-agnostic module. It is required in every application that uses the corresponding function of the reporting system.
  • WinForms-specific module. It is required in WinForms applications. Module name contains "Win".
  • ASP.NET-specific module. It is required in ASP.NET applications. Module name contains "Web".