Xafari Report Parameters

Parameters filter the data to generate the report instance, and it also exposes a some general options. Report Parameters is a Domain Component, which is defined at the coding stage. Thus, like any business class, Parameters are represented in the Application Model (at the BOModel and Views nodes),  you have the option of editing using the Model Editor. The Parameters Collection is displayed within the Report Info Detail View.


Parameters toolbar shows standard New, Clone, Delete and Edit Actions. Special Create Report Action starts report generation process and current Parameters object determines a conditions to retrieve report data.

Any Parameters object always has the base properties represented on a separate tab.


  • Parameter name property specifies a name of the current Parameters object.
  • Report name property specifies the target report.
  • Default template property specifies the template that will be used to generate the report. Lookup List View displays only active templates (see Templates). If the default template is not specified, the system displays a template dialog before generating the report, it also will show only active templates.
  • File reports store path property specifies the path to store final report. You can use environment variable in %VAR_NAME% notation. This option allows you to specify a path that is different from Reports store path defined in File Report Template. Thus, the Template defines the default path, and each  Parameters instance allows to replace it with custom. The precence of this field is declared (or no) in code, see File Report Path in Parameters topic.
  • Active property is a flag that indicating whether the current Parameters object will be added to Report Arm Item:



  • Context property indicates whether the current Parameters object is available for the context report (see End-User Capabilities).
  • Show parameters dialog property indicates whether to display the dialog to edit the Parameters before generating the report. Some usage scenarios require mandatory edit Parameters before report generation.
  • Save Report specifies the bool flag. If it is True, then then the resulting report will be saved (see Saved Reports).


  • The current Xafari version saves only two template formats: Excel и XAF.
  • Some modules of the reporting system (for example, Xafari.Reports.MQ) require this flag, these modules set it to True and make it unavailable for modification.
  • Name in saved report list property is available only when Save Report is True. If no value is specified, the system will use the Parameter name value. This property supports ObjectFormatter which takes {Parameters; Template; ReportName;} object, where Parameters is a name of a current Parameters object, Template is a current template name and ReportName is a current report name. To learn more about format strings, refer to the https://documentation.devexpress.com/#WindowsForms/CustomDocument2141.  
  • Shared property indicates whether current Parameters object is visible to other users. By default, the Parameters object are visible only to the user who created this.

As mentioned above, Parameters toolbar provides an Action to create the Report based on the current Parameters object.


It is possible the situation, that when running the Report the Parameters object is not saved. Then the framework will automatically save the object and update Detail View after the Report is generated. This behavior is provided by the SaveRefreshReportParametersController. To cancel described behavior, deactivate this Controller.