File Report Templates

File Report Template Detail View additionaly displays Template, Build result, Zip archive name and Reports store path specific properties.


The Template property specifies the File Report Generator, i.e. a special class derived from the XafariFileReportGenerator abstract class. The popup list shows all available items.

The Build result property specifies the saving path of the files to be obtained. There are two available scenarios:

    • To create a single file (zip archive). All generated files are packed into one zip archive. The archive is saved in the folder specified in the Reports store path property. The Zip archive name property specifies the archive name.
    • To create separate files. All generated files will be saved in the folder specified in the Reports store path property. The file names are determined by the developer of the current File Report Generator.

The Zip archive name property is available only when Build result is Create single file (zip archive). This property supports ObjectFormatter which takes the {Parameters; Template; ReportName;} object, where Parameters is a name of a current Parameters object, Template is a current template name and ReportName is a current report name. To learn more about format strings, refer to  

The Reports store path property has a default value that is provided by the Xafari.Reports.XafariReportsModule. DefaultReportStorePath property. If this property is not changed by the application developer, the system tries to read the value from the ReportStorePath in app-config. If the key in the configuration file is not specified, the system uses the My documents\Xafari Reports path. When you configure the template, it is allowed to change this value to any other. In addition, it is possible to specify the path in Parameters, if it is implemented by developer (see File Report Path in Parameters topic). If the path is set in the Parameters, the path in the Template is ignored.