Excel Report Templates

Excel Report displays the data as a MS Excel table.

There are specific elements on the Excel Template Detail View: it is a Designer Action and Template file property.


Template file property specifies .xlsx file to store Report layout. Path to the file is set by the developer, it is provided by the Xafari.Reports.Excel.XafariReportsExcelModule. ExcelTemplatesPath property. The default path contains the application folder for windows apps, and the «~\App_Data» path to the application directory on the web server in case of web application. Invoked designer edits this file. Generated report uses this file as a Template.

Designer Action invokes MS Excel application and automatically integrates special Report designer add-on.



The sheet should be named "Report", and nothing else.

Parameters list contains all Report Parameters.

Tables list contains all collection properties of the Report Data object.

The range of cells to accommodate the data is presented at the bottom of each of the areas (i.e. Parameters, Table and Table fields).

To design Parameters layout follow the next steps:

  • Focus required Parameter in the list. All Parameters are stored on a hidden Gal_VarSheet sheet. Click on the cells range control.


  • Specify cell and save its coordinates.
  • When generating a Report the specified cell will be populated with the value of the Parameter.


The Report designer can only be used when the R1C1 links mode is enabled.

Fields of the selected table are laid out on the Report sheet in a similar way. The cell assigned to field will be the top of the column for data output. The image below demonstrates Excel Template for the Orders Report and final result.



There are important requirement the Template must satisfy: it is the presence of three necessary sheets listed below:

  • Report sheet for data output.
  • Gal_VarSheet hidden sheet with a set of Parameters.
  • Gal_TblSheet hidden sheet with a description of the tables.

To finish the work in the designer, click Exit.

It should be noted that, as a rule, for final customization of a Report is usually required to format it using the appropriate standard MS Excel functions.

If necessary, re-invoke the designer while working with MS Excel, focus ADD-INS tab and click Excel-report Designer.