Xafari Reports. End-User Capabilities

In the daily work users interact with the reports via the navigation system or context.

Special navigation item called Report Arm Item, provides a saved reports viewing, customization and generation of the report instances. The image below shows two such Items from the Northwind DC demo application. This is the Orders and Products.


Each Report Arm Item includes Settings and Saved reports items, and one item for each active Parameters object.

Settings item invokes the Detail View for the customize report. User can manage Parameters and see Saved reports list for the current report.


Saved reports item invokes Saved reports list for the current report.

Then follow the menu items, each of which starts the report generation on the basis of the respective active Parameters object. The name of this item coincides with the Parameters object name. Report Arm Item displays all active Parameters of the current report.

The procedure for generating the report can also be run from the context of the business object. This feature is demonstrated in the Products report, which is based on the All products Parameters object. To obtain the report out of context, you should make sure that the Context Parameter is set to True (see Parameters).


Action to generate context report are available in Category List View or Detail View, navigate to the Main Menu|View|Actions|Context reports|Products_All products or Main Toolbar|Actions|Context reports|Products_All products items.


The resulting report will contain only Products for selected Categories. In this demo example Condiments Category not included never. The Context reports topic explains, how to implement this feature.