Xafari Reports in the Navigation System

There is a special navigation item that provides a target individual interaction with a particular report type,  it's called Report Arm Item and it is described in the End-User Capabilities topic. This topic explains how to add Report Arm Item to the navigation system.


There are requirement the application must satisfy: Xafari Arms navigation system has embedded in the application and operates successfully. To add Report Arm Item to the navigation system, follow the steps described below:

  • Add Xafari.Reports.Arm module to the application.
  • Invoke Model Editor, navigate to the required Arm node (or create a new once), right click it and choose Add|Xafari Report from the context menu.


  • Set required properties of the new Report Arm Item:


Report property reffers to the report type. Lookup list shows all registered reports. These reports are collected in the Xafari|Reporting|Reports node, you can edit the names and descriptions of reports.

Criteria property gets or sets additional criteria to filter Parameters list. The filtered Parameters will be displayed in the navigation menu. The criterion is calculated only on the active Parameters.

ImageName property specifies the image to be displayed in UI.