Bulk Edit. Getting Started

In this lesson, you will learn how you can activate the possibility to edit groups of objects. We will set Bulk Edit for Product type in the Xafari Northwind demo. Follow the steps described below:

  • Add modules XafariModule, XafariBCModule, XafariEditorsModule, XafariDockPanelsModule to Module Project.
  • Add modules XafariBCWinModule, XafariEditorsWinModule, XafariDockPanelsWinModule to the Windows Forms Application Project.
  • Add modules XafariBCWebModule, XafariEditorsWebModule, XafariDockPanelsWebModule to the Web Application Project.
  • Add the Dock Panels functionality to the application.
  • Invoke the Model Editor. Navigate to the Views|Xafari.Northwind.Classifiers|Product_ListView node.
  • Set the AllowBulkEdit property to True.


  • To see the result, run the WinForms or ASP.NET application. Select the Product item in the navigation control. In the invoked List View you can use Bulk Edit.

Windows Forms:



Since Bulk Edit depends on Dock Panels, there may be a problem in Win application when UIType is "TabbedMDI". DockPanels. Implementation for TabbedMDI topic describes how to solve this problem.