EntityFactory Class

Provides methods to register business entities and operate it on runtime.

Namespace: Xafari
Assembly: Xafari.XF (in Xafari.XF.dll)

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public class EntityFactory

Public Class EntityFactory
End Class

Name Description
msdn2017/pubproperty Entities Returns registered business entities list.
msdn2017/pubproperty EntityExtensions
Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod msdn2017/static CalculateBaseType(Type, Type) Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubmethod CreateEntitiesModule(XafApplication) Creates ModuleBase object for generated entities module.
msdn2017/pubmethod FindEntityExtensionInfo(Type) Returns EntityExtensionInfo object for entity extension type entityExtensionType.
msdn2017/pubmethod FindEntityInfo(Type) Returns EntityInfo object for entity type entityType.
msdn2017/pubmethod FindEntityType(Type) Returns entity type for real entity type
msdn2017/pubmethod FindRealEntityType(Type) Returns real type for entity type
msdn2017/pubmethod GetEntitiesModuleType(XafApplication) Returns Type derived from ModuleBase for generated entities module.
msdn2017/pubmethod msdn2017/static Init() Empty method to ensure Entity factory is inited
msdn2017/pubmethod IsDeclaredEntity(Type) Returns true if entityType is declared as entity.
msdn2017/pubmethod IsEntity(Type) Check entityType for business entity.
msdn2017/pubmethod IsEntityExtension(Type) Checks than entityExtensionType is entity extension type.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterEntity(Type, string, Type, string) Obsolete. Registers entityType as entity.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterEntity<TEntity, TBaseType>(string, string) Obsolete. Registers TEntity as business entity with TBaseType as base type.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterEntity<TEntity>(string, Type, string) Obsolete. Registers TEntity as entity.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterExtension(Type, Type, MethodInfo, MethodInfo, string, string, ExpandObjectMembers, bool, string, Type, string)
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterExtension(Type, Type, string, string, ExpandObjectMembers, bool, string, Type, string) Registers extension extensionType for entity entityType.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterExtension<TEntity, TExtension>(Expression<Func<TEntityTExtension>>, Expression<Func<TExtensionTEntity>>, string, string, ExpandObjectMembers, bool, string, Type, string) Register extension TExtension for entity TEntity and register accessors methods.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterExtension<TEntity, TExtension>(string, string, ExpandObjectMembers, bool, string, Type, string) Register extension TExtension for entity TEntity.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterExtensionConvertor<TEntity, TExtension>(Expression<Func<TEntityTExtension>>) Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubmethod RegisterRealEntityType(Type, Type) Registers real type for entity type.
msdn2017/pubmethod Reset() Obsolete. Clear all registered entities.
msdn2017/pubmethod Setup()
Name Description
msdn2017/pubfield msdn2017/static Enabled Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubfield msdn2017/static EnabledInDesignMode
msdn2017/pubfield msdn2017/static Instance Gets the EntityFactory for current Thread.
msdn2017/pubfield msdn2017/static Names Obsolete.

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