AliveTypeExtensions.GetEntities Method

NOTE: This member is now obsolete. Use objectSpace.Xafari().BC().GetObjects() method instead.

Returns an IList collection of objects of specified entityType, retrieved to the current Object Space and filtered according to the specified criteria.

Namespace: Xafari
Assembly: Xafari.BC (in Xafari.BC.dll)

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  • VB

[Obsolete("Use objectSpace.Xafari().BC().GetObjects() method instead.")] public static IList GetEntities( this IObjectSpace objectSpace, Type entityType, CriteriaOperator criteria = null, bool inTransaction = false )

<Obsolete("Use objectSpace.Xafari().BC().GetObjects() method instead.")> _
<System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension> _
Public Shared Function GetEntities(ByVal objectSpace As IObjectSpace, ByVal entityType As Type, Optional ByVal criteria As CriteriaOperator = Nothing, Optional ByVal inTransaction As Boolean = False) As IList
End Function

.NET Framework Client Profile

Supported in: 4, 3.5 SP1