AliveTypeExtensions.FindEntity<TEntity> Method

NOTE: This member is now obsolete.Use objectSpace.Xafari().FindObject() method instead.

Searches for the first object of the type designated by the specified generic type parameter, matching the specified criteria.

Namespace: Xafari
Assembly: Xafari.BC (in Xafari.BC.dll)


  • c#
  • VB

[Obsolete("Use objectSpace.Xafari().FindObject() method instead.")]
public static TEntity FindEntity<TEntity>(
     this IObjectSpaceobjectSpace,
     CriteriaOperatorcriteria = null,
     boolinTransaction = false
     where TEntity : class

<Obsolete("Use objectSpace.Xafari().FindObject() method instead.")> _
<System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension> _
Public Shared Function FindEntity(Of TEntity As Class)(ByVal , As IObjectSpaceobjectSpace, Optional ByVal = As CriteriaOperatorcriteria = = Nothing, Optional ByVal = As boolinTransaction = = False) As TEntity
End Function

Type Parameters









A CriteriaOperator which specifies the criteria for object selection.


true if all objects (in the database and retrieved) are processed by the specified criteria; otherwise, false.



Return Value

An object which is the first persistent object which matches the specified criteria.


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