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DynamicPropertiesObject and XAF validation

If necessary, it is possible to apply validation mechanism to DynamicPropertiesObject objects. To do this verifiable Dynamic Property must have special rule attributes derived from RuleBaseAttribute.

  • c#
  • VB

public class DynamicPropertiesValidationSupport : BaseObject
  public DynamicPropertiesValidationSupport(Session session)
    : base(session)
  public CreateDynamicObjectWithValidationRule()
    var dpl = new DynamicPropertyList();
    var rule = new List<Attribute>();
    //Add validation rule to list of attributes
    rule.Add(new RuleRequiredFieldAttribute());
    //Add new Dynamic Property to list
    dpl.Add(new DynamicProperty("RuleRequiredField", typeof(string), "1", true, /*rule contains added validation rule*/ rule));
    //Create dynamic object, pass Dynamic properties collection
    this.Dpo = DynamicPropertiesObject.CreateObject<DynamicPropertiesObject>(dpl);
  public DynamicPropertiesObject Dpo { get; private set; }

Public Class DynamicPropertiesValidationSupport
  Inherits BaseObject
  Private _Dpo As DynamicPropertiesObject
  Public Sub New(ByVal session As Session)
  End Sub
  Public Sub New()
    Dim dpl = New DynamicPropertyList()
    Dim rule = New List(Of Attribute)()
    'Add validation rule to list of attributes
    rule.Add(New RuleRequiredFieldAttribute())
    'Add new Dynamic Property to list
    dpl.Add(New DynamicProperty("RuleRequiredField", GetType(String), "1", True, 'rule contains added validation rulerule))
    'Create dynamic object, pass Dynamic properties collection
    Me._Dpo = DynamicPropertiesObject.CreateObject(Of DynamicPropertiesObject)(dpl)
  End Sub
  Public ReadOnly Property Dpo As DynamicPropertiesObject
      Return _Dpo
    End Get
  End Property
End Class

Thus, when creating Dynamic Property it is sufficient to specify constructor parameters properly, you should specify a such DynamicProperty.Attributes collection, which contains the validation attributes. No additional manipulation to initialize Dynamic Property do not need. If the standard validation Actions for some reason are not active, then to check the validity of the object is sufficient to use one of the validation methods of DevExpress.Persistent.Validation.RuleSet class. Use static property of the DevExpress.Persistent.Validation.Validator class to access RuleSet class. The following code snippet demonstrates how to call RuleSet.Validate for Dpo object.

  • example

Validator.RuleSet.Validate(this.ObjectSpace, obj.Dpo, ContextIdentifier.Save);

obj represent DynamicPropertiesValidationSupport and Dpo - DynamicPropertiesObject.