Business Operations. Service Classes

This topic briefly describes the classes that are useful when working with Business Operations.


The SetContext method of this class allows to initialize the context property of any BO.


General BO management. To access the manager's global instance, use the BusinessOperationManager.Instance static property.

Class members are the following:

The Model property refers to the Application|Xafari|BusinessOperations node of the Application Model. This node contains the list representing all BO that are currently registered in the application.

The CollectionCreatorFactory property specifies an instance of CollectionCreatorFactory. CollectionCreatorFactory is used to generate the values of the BO context properties. When creating an instance of the ContextBusinessOperationHelper class, the constructor uses the CollectionCreatorFactory property as a parameter.

The Application property refers to an instance of the current application. When developing a BO, an easy accessible reference to the application may be useful. In such cases, it may be used by the described Manager property.

The BusinessOperationExecuted event occurs when a BO is executed.

The BusinessOperationRoledBack event occurs when a BO is rolled back.


It generates the controls for starting context-dependent or context-agnostic Business Operations. It starts the BO in the UI. It provides a number of events allowing the user to create, initialize, and start various BO. There are also events that allow to create own Views displaying the BO input parameters and showing the BO results.


It provides a dynamic set of the BO properties and generates the View for the BO input parameters. It is the DynamicPropertiesObject class descendant that adds special features for modifying the BO parameters.