Business Operations. Required Modules

The functionality of the Business Operations is provided by the following modules:

  • Xafari BC Module (Xafari.BC.dll). The usage of this only module is sufficient in case it is needed to implement the simplest Business Operations without support in the UI.
  • Xafari Business Operations Module (Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.dll) provides all specific functions. Add this module to the application project or to any platform-agnostic module.
  • Xafari Business Operations Arm Module (Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.Arm.dll). This module is intended to organise end-users interaction with the help of special items in Arm navigation system.
  • Xafari Business Operations Commands Module (Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.Arm.dll). This module is required to perform operation via the console application, for details, see the Business Operation in Console.